Changes in 23.10

Release: 2023-11-01

Notable changes

  • Anki's version numbering scheme has changed to year.month(.patch).
  • Quite a few add-ons will need updates to support this release. Some porting notes are available.
  • Support for FSRS (which improves upon the scheduling provided by SM-2) is now integrated into Anki. You can compute the model weights directly inside Anki, and no longer need to use custom scheduling. If you have previously used FSRS, please delete the text in the custom scheduling section before enabling FSRS, and ensure the helper add-on has been updated to the 23.10 version if you are using it. By @L-M-Sherlock with help from @dae and @asukaminato0721 in, #2654 and
  • Anki now has built-in support for creating image occlusions. Select the automatically-added "Image Occlusion" notetype in the add screen to use it. Glutanimate intends to update his add-on soon to work with the new system. By @krmanik, with help from @glutanimate, @hikaru-y, @abdnh and @dae in #2367, #2485, #2600, #2602, #2649, #2689, #2705 and more.
  • .apkg imports are able to merge changed notetypes, and can exclude scheduling data. By @RumovZ in
  • Performance improvements to things like browser loading in the official builds.
  • You can now customize the video driver in Qt6 in the preferences, which can help to work around graphical issues. @abdnh in
  • Add an option to stop the timer on answer by @abdnh in
  • Allow searching for missing custom data properties by @abdnh in
  • Support searching for custom data strings by @abdnh in
  • Support for the v2 scheduler has been dropped.
  • .apkg exports now default to the new format.
  • New cards can now be gathered by deck then random note.

Smaller tweaks/fixes

  • Check DB now fixes invalid UTF-8 in tags.
  • Create Python entry points for creating and editing IO notes by @glutanimate in
  • Add a backend method to add notes in bulk by @abdnh in
  • Add ability to tab to DuplicateLink by @SteelColossus in
  • Add profile name in profile deletion confirmation message by @chandraiyengar in
  • Add Sphinx documentation generation functionality by @gsingh93 in
  • added Translator by @platynowy in
  • Allow full screen mode on new Qt6 drivers by @abdnh in
  • Allow saving window position when window fullscreen on Qt 6
  • Better error messages when csv file is in the wrong format
  • Change “Delete Note” shortcut to cmd+backspace by @montyevans in
  • Close import log page on error by @abdnh in
  • Display a more friendly message when one or more add-ons fail at startup
  • Do not show [object Object] in import log by @abdnh in
  • Don't rely on the presence of revlogs to decide whether deck configs should be imported.
  • Fix a11y issues with Badge component by @adeleke5140 in
  • Fix an error when repositioning tags (thanks to @abdnh)
  • Fix an issue caused by adding a colon to the start or end of a deck name by @swektr in
  • Fix answer button tooltips not reflecting configured shortcuts by @abdnh in
  • Fix error when closing Find Duplicates screen early by @abdnh in
  • Fix intermittent browser error triggered by an early resize event by @abdnh in
  • Fix misleading warning when changing notetype from/to cloze by @abdnh in
  • Fix ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'distutils' by @virinci in
  • Fix pasting from external programs not working after copying text inside the editor.
  • Fix reversed float left/right icons
  • Fix some issues with undo/redo in mask editor by @hikaru-y in
  • Fix typo: notetypeId → noteId by @glutanimate in
  • Fix unable to save field dialog if certain fields are deleted by @swektr in
  • Fix unescaped HTML in type-in-the-answer by @abdnh in
  • Implemented support to audio_did_seek_relative by @evandrocoan in
  • Reduce shaking of bottom bar by @abdnh in
  • Rework media syncing to make it a little faster, and avoid duplicate errors when your password has changed.
  • Skip template checks in Fields screen by @abdnh in
  • Support AVIF by @nihil-admirari in
  • Support Qt.TextFormat.MarkdownText in aqt.utils by @abdnh in
  • The "edit current card" window is now a main window, which fixes some shortcut keys on macOS. By @abdnh in
  • Tooltips for CSV import and import page refactoring by @RumovZ in
  • Tweak browser column labels to card type, note type by @Gustaf-C in
  • Update to Qt 6.5.3 on Windows/Mac

Notes for devs

  • If you wish to build Anki and have installed n2 in the past, please run tools/install-n2 before building.

New Contributors

  • @montyevans made their first contribution in
  • @nihil-admirari made their first contribution in
  • @SteelColossus made their first contribution in
  • @platynowy made their first contribution in
  • @swektr made their first contribution in
  • @meliache made their first contribution in
  • @martinetd made their first contribution in
  • @CarloQuick made their first contribution in
  • @virinci made their first contribution in
  • @chandraiyengar made their first contribution in
  • @gsingh93 made their first contribution in
  • @user1823 made their first contribution in
  • @Gustaf-C made their first contribution in

Changes in 23.10.1

Release: 2023-11-10


  • Update all platforms to Qt 6.6. This change fixes Japanese input on macOS.
  • Fix Anki failing to run on older macOS versions.
  • The Linux Qt6 build requires a newer glibc, so older distros like Debian 11 won't work with it.
  • Fix syncserver failing to run in macOS packaged build.
  • Fix some potential security issues.
  • Fix 'creating backup' showing for longer than necessary.
  • Add tooltip to mask editor button.
  • Allow creation of empty filtered decks by @Gustaf-C in
  • Add confirmation for upload when AnkiWeb collection determined empty.
  • Fix add-ons screen showing 'requires Anki >= 2.1.231000'.
  • Fix overflowing filenames displacing import button by @RumovZ in
  • Fix Anki closing before 'your clock is wrong' message appears.
  • Hide "toggle masks" in "Hide One, Guess One" mode by @abdnh in
  • Change tooltip strings for image occlusion center alignments by @snowtimeglass in
  • Check video tags in media check.


  • Prompt user to save preset changes before they compute FSRS weights.
  • Fix panic when enabling FSRS with add-on-rescheduled cards.
  • Add an info box so the non-linear nature of desired retention can be seen
  • Improve presentation of log loss and RMSE by @user1823 in
  • Rename FSRS weights to parameters
  • Handle stability < 0.5 in stability graph