Changes in 2.1.30 to 39

Changes in 2.1.39

Released 2021-02-02, build 576f0043.

  • Fix the Reposition command not preserving the browser sort order.
  • Fix some issues causing the sync indicator to show unnecessarily (thanks to Rumo).
  • Fix a spurious warning about a full sync when renaming card templates.
  • Fix Anki not working after installing on Linux over a previous install.
  • Don't log card resets when exporting.
  • Fix congrats screen not showing when learning cards were due soon.
  • Updated bundled lame and mpv on Windows and Mac builds.
  • Other fixes and improvements, with thanks to Henrik, Rumo, Abdo, Arthur, Guillem, Meredith, Gustavo, and Daniel.

Changes in 2.1.38

Released 2020-12-26, build 355e4cd5.

  • Use a new approach for recording audio. If you encounter any issues, the old PyAudio driver can be selected in the Preferences screen. The old driver will likely be retired in the future, so please let us know if the default system does not work for you.
  • All built-in Windows TTS voices should now be supported on recent Windows 10 releases (thanks to Ryan).
  • Fix the Reposition tool in the Browse screen not following the sort order.
  • Reduce the default fade time in the review screen.
  • The ANGLE video driver can now be selected in the Preferences on Windows.
  • Fix some instances of the sync indicator remaining on after sync (thanks to Rumo).
  • Work around --text-fg appearing in fields.
  • Fix link in about screen (thanks to Abdo).
  • Fix '1' being shown instead of the correct number in some Russian translations.
  • Fixed invisible characters when adding new card templates (thanks to Henrik).
  • Fixed duplicate check getting confused by non-breaking spaces (thanks to abdo).
  • Don't throw error when computer hostname is invalid.
  • Other minor changes (thanks to Henrik & k12sh)

For developers:

  • Protobuf binaries are now used to speed up the initial build.
  • Fixed Python code completion, and added some info to docs/
  • ./run now runs Anki with Python warnings enabled - PRs that fix any that come up would be welcome (thanks cecini for the first!)

Changes in 2.1.37

Released 2020-12-12, build 6d596c8f.

  • Fixed filtered decks not honoring sort order.
  • Fixed review screen not automatically scrolling to answer (thanks to Henrik).
  • The deck options screen now limits minimum ease to 131%.

For developers:

  • Added a scripts/build command to build the redistributable wheels.
  • The Rust worker is disabled by default, as some users had trouble building with it.

Changes in 2.1.36

Released 2020-12-09, build c505894b.

Notable changes:

  • Alternate builds have been discontinued. If you are using a 32 bit system, or a macOS version older than 10.13, Anki 2.1.35 is the last release you will be able to update to.
  • MathJax has been updated to version 3, thanks to Henrik. It should render faster than before. If you were customizing the MathJax configuration using Javascript, you will need to use a new method.
  • A separate mpv process is now used to play videos on Windows, which should solve issues with playing getting stuck, thanks to Kelciour.
  • The handling of wildcards and escape characters in search has been reworked to be more consistent, thanks to Rumo.
  • Early startup messages are now translable, thanks to Abdo.
  • When cards are rescheduled in the browse screen, a review entry log is now created.
  • The main card area is now focused instead of the bottom area during review, which allows using the keyboard to scroll, thanks to Henrik.


  • Fixed corrupt indexes when checking database.
  • Fixed duplicate search when sort field is not first field (thanks to Abdo).
  • Fixed error when switching to note type with fewer fields.
  • Fixed invalid utf8 in notes when checking database.
  • Fixed invisible scrollbar in night mode + browser.
  • Fixed issues with "find duplicates" (thanks to Abdo)
  • Fixed some issues with adding/renaming decks (thanks to Cecini).
  • Other minor fixes.

For developers:

  • Anki is now built using Bazel. This leads to more reliable builds, and reduces the number of dependencies you need to manually install. Please see docs/ for updated build instructions, and report any issues you encounter on the user forums.
  • The minimum Python version has been updated to 3.8.
  • The wheels available on PyPI support both Python 3.8 and 3.9.
  • All translations have been migrated to Fluent.
  • Normal and night mode theming now uses CSS variables, making it easier to override in add-ons.
  • The congrats screen, burying/suspending, filtered deck building/emptying, browser sidebar, and card reposition/reset have been reworked. If you were modifying them in an add-on, your add-on may need updating. For the congratulations screen, see the new webview_did_inject_style_into_page hook

Thanks to all the people who have contributed bugfixes and code/doc updates: Abdo, Lukkea, Akshara, Kelciour, David, Henrik, Colin, Johan, Piotr, Andreas, Arthur, Alan, RumovZ, Cecini, Soren, Krish, ianki, Cyphar and kaczmarj, in no particular order.

Thanks also to all of the people who have contributed translations for this and previous releases:

Changes in 2.1.35

Released 2020-10-02, build 84dcaa86.

  • Fix a bug in Anki 2.1.29+ that caused excessive memory and CPU usage on long-running operations that show a progress bar, such as importing.
  • Roll back Mac and Windows builds to Qt 5.14 again, as there are still issues with 5.15.
  • Fix display issue in graphs on alternate Mac build.
  • Fix preview not updating on multiple selection (thanks to abdo).
  • Fix old content appearing when flagging immediately after typing.
  • Fix some handling of * in searches.
  • Sidebar now correctly escapes some characters (thanks to abdo).

Changes in 2.1.34

Released 2020-09-24, build 8af8f565.

  • Fix a bug in Anki 2.1.28+ where a newly created deck config would default to an ease of 130%. When updating, Anki will automatically change any deck configs with an ease of 130% back to 250%, and change any cards using those deck configs with a low ease back to an ease of 250%. Users who updated from an older Anki version and did not add new deck configurations should not be affected. If you have deliberately set an initial ease of 130%, please change it to 131% or greater prior to upgrading, so that Anki leaves your settings alone. Thanks to Aleksa for discovering the issue.
  • Update the standard builds to the latest GUI toolkit version. Please report any improvements or regressions you notice.
  • Dropped audio plays automatically again (thanks to abdo).
  • Revert to older sound playing behaviour to work around issues (thanks to kelciour).
  • is:due now stops at now+learn ahead limit, instead of end of day.
  • Various improvements/fixes, some thanks Aleksa & Henrik.

Changes in 2.1.33

Released 2020-08-30, build 3f403040.

  • Access More button in review screen with 'm' (thanks to ANH).
  • Audio no longer plays when dropped/pasted (thanks to ANH).
  • Fix bulk tag adding not adding tags if tag is a substring of an existing tag (thanks to Soren)
  • Fix cards not being unburied if leaving Anki open and the first action of a new day is a sync.
  • Fix drag&drop into existing content (thanks to ANH).
  • Fix error when add-ons tried to access note/template in card template screen.
  • Fix next learn message in congrats screen.
  • Fix nonbreaking spaces in filenames not being handled properly.
  • Fix text in export file selector (thanks to ANH).
  • Fix timeouts in full syncs and media syncs again.

Changes in 2.1.32

Released 2020-08-25, build dee7d45d.

  • Roll back a change in the previous update that could cause syncs to time out.
  • Fix sign up link in login screen.

Changes in 2.1.31

Released 2020-08-23, build 13476503.

  • Show card counts in pie graph, and other minor graph tweaks.
  • Fix sync error+lost review when undoing in v2 filtered deck with scheduling off.
  • Fix crash when dragging & dropping, thanks to ANH25.
  • Fix 'stale notetype' error after sync+add.
  • Close "edit current" when current card deleted.
  • Code improvements thanks to ANH, Arthur, Evandro, Henrik and Thomas.
  • Find&Replace completion is now case sensitive.
  • Fix crash when recovering notes with missing notetype.
  • Fix duplicate detection when input text is not normalized.
  • Fix Empty Cards not ignoring BR tags.
  • Fix Find&Replace window sizing.
  • Fix handling of nested legacy template directives.
  • Fix issues with bulk tag removal.
  • Fix mpv failing to play audio after it's restarted, thanks to Kelciour.
  • Fix some (rare) crashes.
  • Full syncs and media syncs now terminate more quickly when the connection breaks.
  • Improve support for getting proxies from Windows registry.
  • Remove embedded direction markers in RTL cloze deletions.
  • Strip nul characters from tags.

Changes in 2.1.30

Released 2020-08-09, build 06a69c25.

  • Work around a failure to start on some Windows 10 May 2020 installations.
  • Fix "show windows in tabs" not working on standard macOS build.
  • Fix move into/out of filtered decks not syncing.
  • Add right axis to graphs.
  • Add night mode and mobile class toggles in card layout screen (thanks to ANH25).
  • Card counts graph now always shows table.
  • Catch negative review times in DB check.
  • Code improvements (thanks to Matt, phwoo, Evandro and aplaice).
  • Fix a crash in the DB check when a note type was missing.
  • Fix automatic logout not working when auth failure occurs.
  • Fix deck list and graphs not including v2 scheduler cards with rescheduling disabled.
  • Fix early reviews not appearing in review graph.
  • Fix hour graph problem in timezones west of UTC.
  • Fix negated conditonals being non-negated when renamed.
  • Fix some syncing errors that could happen until Check Database was run.
  • Fix some young cards being shown as mature in reviews graph.
  • Handle multiple same-numbered clozes in cloze-only filter.
  • Refresh tag list after clearing empty tags.
  • Other minor fixes.