Changes in 2.1.10 to 19

Changes in 2.1.19

Released 2020-01-16, build 3c8690ae.

  • Fix formatting and images getting lost when creating cloze deletions.

  • Added an option to the preferences screen to strip formatting by default.

  • Fix the preview button shortcut key not working.

Changes in 2.1.18

Released 2020-01-14, build fb9d59fe.

  • Fixed Anki failing to start for some users updating from Anki 2.0.

  • Fixed the alternate Windows build failing to start on Windows 8.

Changes in 2.1.17

Released 2020-01-11, build c69ccb50.

Linux version repackaged on 2020-01-12 to fix a 'make install' issue.

  • Improved the performance of the browse screen’s sidebar for users with many decks/tags.

  • Add-ons that modify the sidebar will break when you update, and will need to be updated by the add-on author.

  • Add-ons that alter the audio handling may need to be updated, as code has moved from anki.sound to aqt.sound.

  • Changing large note types is significantly faster.

  • Added an option in the preferences screen to adjust the user interface size.

  • You can now double-click on an .ankiaddon file to install it (thanks to Glutanimate).

  • Updated GUI libraries for the standard installs and the alternate Windows install.

  • The minimum Python version is now 3.7, and the packaged versions ship with Python 3.8.

  • The alternate Linux build has been dropped - you will need to be on a Linux distro from 2016+ with systemd support to use the packaged version.

  • Source tarballs are available from the releases tab of the GitHub repo.

  • Added an option to tag updated notes when importing (thanks to Erez).

  • Automatically remove ':' from field names when opening the card templates screen, as it conflicts with the template syntax.

  • Fix a bug in the handling of MathJax+Cloze (thanks to Michal).

  • Fixed a regression in the way duplicate deck names were handled.

  • Remove help button from some Window titles.

Changes in 2.1.16

Released 2019-12-12, build 4bc33e2f.

Due to some minor issues that were found, the website was not updated to point to this release.

  • Pasting now includes formatting by default.

  • Preserve foreground/background color when pasting.

  • Preserve bold/italic/underline when pasting from Google Docs.

  • When pasting with the shift key, bold/italics/underline is also stripped.

  • Ensure learning cards in filtered decks with 'order due' show in template order.

  • Remove the 'experimental' label from the new scheduler.

  • You can now import and export decks with scheduling enabled in the new scheduler.

  • Hide empty Default deck in deck picker (thanks to Arthur).

  • Add an extra day to the interval when using Easy on a relearning card.

  • Preserve surrounding styling when making cloze deletions.

  • Draw preview screen more quickly.

  • Fix race condition in preview screen (thanks to Håkon).

  • Use --exact with dvsvgm to prevent truncated subscript/superscript in LaTeX.

  • Newly created cards could be given the wrong due number (thanks to Arthur).

  • Sticky fields were ignored when closing the add card window (thanks to Arthur).

  • Adding a note type forced a full sync (thanks to Arthur).

  • Remove shortcut keys from translations (thanks to Arthur).

  • Documentation changes for translators (thanks to Arthur).

  • Case not being preserved when changing a deck’s parent (thanks to Arthur).

  • Hide default deck in other screens when empty (thanks to Arthur).

  • Fix qtwebengineprocesses not being cleaned up when stats window closed.

  • Allow smaller window when editing current card.

  • Support pasting multiple URLs at once.

  • Add ability to force software rendering on old Macs (thanks to Mike)

  • A fix for case insensitive field name handling in find&replace (thanks to lovac42)

  • Fix non-integer intervals being imported from Mnemosyne (thanks to Blauelf)

  • Clear undo queue when changing scheduler (thanks to lovac42)

  • Default to not closing add window (thanks to Aidan)

  • Sort new cards separately when sorting by ease (thanks to Arthur)

  • Fix a bug in the V2 scheduler.

  • Properly handle backslashes in the replacement section of Find&Replace.

  • Various small fixes.

Changes in 2.1.15

Released 2019-08-22, build 442df9d6.

  • The V2 scheduler now fully randomizes review cards due on a given day.

  • Fix add-ons errors on Windows when profile path was short.

  • Fix flag changes in Browse screen not syncing.

  • Cleanup recording wav file when recording canceled.

  • Fix the window icon on Wayland (thanks to Wilco).

  • Add a progress bar to media deletion.

  • Other minor changes.

Changes in 2.1.14

Released 2019-06-27, build 7b93e985.

  • Fix a bug in the V2 scheduler that would cause partially learnt cards removed from filtered decks to revert to an earlier state.

  • Fix a bug in the handling of relearning cards when switching back to the V1 scheduler.

  • Fix lost space when pasting indented text.

  • Limit image height relative to window height, not document height.

  • Fix deck list being re-rendered unnecessarily.

  • Remove the 'unable to connect to local port' message.

Changes in 2.1.13

Released 2019-05-20, build 3ba55990.

  • Fix formatting getting lost when copying&pasting between fields on macOS.

  • Fix some issues that cause the main window to get stuck.

  • Fix an empty deck list sometimes appearing when restoring from a backup.

  • Fix Anki hanging after an error occurs during startup.

  • Fix error caused by profile with trailing space on Windows.

  • Fix error message when syncing with an unconfirmed email address.

  • Use jsonschema for add-on manifests (thanks to Erez).

  • Warn in DB check when high due numbers are encountered.

  • Improve error messages on full disk and failed add-on deletion.

  • Fix relearning cards being given learning step count in V2 scheduler.

  • Fix preview window failing to appear when 'show both sides' enabled.

  • Removing trailing BR tag when pasting into an empty field.

  • Don’t throw an error when non-Latin text in the Javascript console can’t be shown.

  • Double click on add-ons to edit their configuration (thanks to lovac42).

  • Fix the window icon in a few screens (thanks to John).

  • Don’t highlight the deck selection button in the add screen on Windows.

  • Improve the default 'type in the answer' note type.

Changes in 2.1.12

Released 2019-04-23, build eef86bf3.

  • Fix an issue that could prevent profile renaming/deletion on Windows.

  • Fix fields appearing under editor buttons.

  • Fix memory leak in card layout screen.

  • Fix some issues with previewing in the Browse screen.

  • Fix card counts not updating when a review is undone.

  • Fix an error that could occur on startup on some Windows installs.

  • The Mac build now uses the new hardened runtime on Mojave.

  • Change focus outline colour on Windows.

  • Fix an error caused by missing note types.

  • A possible workaround for the audio player getting stuck on Macs.

  • Display the installed version in the Windows uninstall screen.

  • Fix an issue checking for add-on updates (thanks to Glutanimate).

  • Disable add-on config button when not appropriate (thanks to Glutanimate).

  • Tweaks to the 'deck age' graph binning (thanks to Jian).

  • Add-ons hosted on AnkiWeb can now define conflicts in the manifest file.

  • Switch to mplayer on the alternate OS X build, as mpv was not working on some older machines.

  • Make sure mpv doesn’t attempt to load scripts from default location.

  • Other minor fixes.

Changes in 2.1.11

Released 2019-03-11, build 3cf770c7.

  • Change Undo shortcut back to Ctrl+Alt+Z/Cmd+Opt+Z in Browse screen, to prevent accidentally undoing non-text changes when editing fields.

  • Revert a previous card template optimization that could cause an error.

  • Suppress a spurious error message that could occur when editing.

Changes in 2.1.10

Released 2019-03-07, build 22d6feed.

  • Add option to strip html in export.

  • Avoid nbsp for single spaces when pasting text.

  • Fix preview screen flashing when moving between cards.

  • Improvements to the add-ons screen (thanks to Glutanimate).

  • Support .ankiaddon bundles (thanks to Glutanimate).

  • Improve subpixel antialiasing on some machines (thanks to Glutanimate).

  • Improve Japanese interface font on Windows 10, and make it possible for translators to change the font for other languages that need it as well.

  • Fix inability to start if problem occurs on first run.

  • Allow decreasing daily limits in custom study.

  • Add a button to copy debug info to about screen (thanks to Glutanimate).

  • Fix problem running from source on Windows (thanks to dlon).

  • Allow add-ons to serve files from mediasrv (thanks to Glutanimate).

  • More user-friendly error messages for some network errors.